Hello world!

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 351 in Portland, OR.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Brian Wong says:

    Activities coming up:

    April 16th Pack Meeting, St Ignatius church
    • Multnomah County Sheriff presentation – thank you Radek (Victor’s dad)

    May 21st Pack Meeting, St Ignatius church
    • Cub-struction! Boys will practice whittling and make a bear out of a bar of soap
    o Boys are to bring their own sharp pocket knife
    o Parents are too closely supervise their scout(s).
    o Butter knives will be available to use as an option.

    June 26th and 27th – Family Camp!
    Hoover campground at Detroit Lake – http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/willamette/null/recarea/?recid=4219&actid=31

    • $15/per family member or $60/per family
    • Parking is tight – carpooling a must!

    Sign up and payment is due May 21st to allow for activity and food planning.

    Contact cubmaster for more information. Stay tuned.


  2. john hacherl says:

    Nice web site! Calendar and photo of pinewood derby cars are great.


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