Webelos I and II going to Camp Currie for Webelos Woods

Cub Scouts who are in the 4th and 5th Grade are going this weekend to Camp Currie in Camas for Webelos Woods.   This is where Boy Scouts and others show the Webelos skills in first aid, cooking, and so on.   Here’s the whole list:

2015 Webelos Woods Program Stations

Station 1 – Wildlife – Pan’s Minions
Station 2 – Outdoor Ethics – Wilderness Virtues – Crew 351
Station 3 – Campfire – Dionysus Den – Webelos Woods Staff
Station 4 – First Aid I – House of Hippocrates
Station 5 – Nature I – Persephone’s Garden – Troop 22
Station 6 – Survival Skills – Spartan Training
Station 7 – Knots – Aeolos Workshop – Troop 71
Station 8 – Scouting Trail – Hyperion’s Trail
Station 9 – Woods Tools – Hephaestus Forge

Find out more about Webelos Woods at the council page.   Find out more about Pack 351 at our Facebook page.

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