Raingutter Regatta 217

The Pack Meeting for May was the Raingutter Regatta….where scouts made their own boats… they tested the flotation capabilities of their boats, and then went back inside to “edit and modify” their creations, finally coming out to find success in their creations ability to float and to race!

We had so many ingenious creations from our boys and their adult partners…It was so impressive to see how they used the pool noodle, skewer sticks, paper sails and corks…creating outriggers, catamarans, and floats to keep their boats afloat and sailing.

It was a lot of fun and then we came back together for awards, announcements and reminders.

Thank you to all our scout leaders and adult partners for their help with activity set-up, boat building, flotation and race oversight, as well as clean-up. Your help is what make our scouts and events successful!


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