Webelos Woods 2017

This past weekend, 9/29-10/1, our Webelos 1 and Webelos 2 dens joined together to participate in the Lewis & Clark District’s annual Webelos Woods event.

This year the event was held at Butte Creek Ranch. Our scouts, 13 of them, joined over a handful of other Packs from around the district to learn from and be mentored by local Boy Scouts and Scouter volunteers.

Our boys created Patrols similar to Boy Scouts, coming up with a name, flag and yell, they helped to cook our meals alongside the Boy Scout Den Chiefs, the learned about the 10 essentials, some songs and skits,  had a display  of Dutch Oven cooking, learned and practiced some fire building, identified local plants, even learned some basic first aid facts.

They participated in sportsmanship and teamwork activities like a tug of war, tarp-flip and all-aboard. They even got to do some always fun archery.

It was indeed a cold and rainy weekend but that didn’t stop us from having a good time and enjoying the wonderful world of scouting as many of these boys, the Webelos 2, prepare for their crossover in February.

A HUGE thank you to our Pack 351 Leaders that attended the weekend and supervised the Scouts participation, to our Pack 351 Leaders that participated in all day training Saturday thus missing out on most of the fun the scouts had, to the 351 Boy Scout Den Chiefs (Shane, Oliver and Fred) who mentored and modeled for our Webelos, to the Pack 351 parents who spent the entire day helping lead and supervise the scouts in their various activities and competitions, and to the scouters who planned and facilitated the event…without all of whom the fun we had and continue to have would not be possible 🙂


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