Digital Scouting and Restarting: Leader Resources

Cascadia District is always looking for pictures of units out and about.

If you get some amazing pictures, please send them to our Assistant District Commissioner (and wonderful newsletter/communications guy) Adam Cox: They may be featured in our next newsletter!

(See below for information about earning your Pack the Summertime Pack Award and your Scouts the Outdoor Activity Award! Need some ideas for summer activities now? Here they are!)

There are a number of resources for current den & unit leaders.

Cascade Pacific Council has created slide sets for Packs to use along with handout packets and a script for leaders. They have 8 slide sets that cover one meeting for all dens.

National BSA has released videos to aid in the presentation of den meetings virtually.

Check out the Cascade Pacific Council Wednesday Webinars for updates and program ideas!

I (Deb) have also created slide sets to cover all of the required adventures and put them all into google classrooms. You can join the den classroom and then you will have access to all of them. They are mostly designed to cover 2 meetings each and in the instructions page for each adventure I have included which requirements will be covered each week. (There are also attachments if there are any handouts needed for these particular requirements or adventures.)

I have added a Cubmaster classroom for Pack meetings and a Nova Classroom for Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors. I am a trained and registered Counselor and Mentor. You will need to be trained and registered to sign off on any of the Nova Awards. I have started a Nova Club for my Pack and have about 1/3 of the Pack attend every week!

If there is a Kahoot! game slide in the meeting that you are using, go to . You will need to sign up for a free Kahoot! account, but if you search under the discover tab “hilterbrand4” you will have access to all of my Kahoot! quizzes. Or, you can always create your own, if you like!

You will just need to go into your own google classroom account, click the “+” at the top, and enter my google classroom code for the den that you would like to join.


On the Streaming page are other handouts that we are giving to our Pack. If you are from another pack, you can save a copy and edit to use for your own pack.

I hope that these resources help you out! We all need a little less on our plates right now!

Want more ideas?

Here are some more resources for you all to use! These are handouts and activities that you can print and distribute, email out, or add to a fun packet for your scouts or even use during an outing or virtual campout. You can use as is or copy/save and change them for your use or your Pack.

Here are some links to other online games and activities to have some fun:

(I did not make these, but I have found them and enjoy them, so I’m sharing!)

A video about the connection between Disney and Scouting.

A Cub Scout Escape Room using Google Forms I think this one is pretty awesome!

Activity pages to test your Scouts’ observation skills. Let them study the image for 1 minute and then ask the questions to see how much they remember.

Lots of fun activities here. Most take prep/supplies, but very kid friendly!

A PowerPoint Kim’s Game (This is a Scout game created by Baden-Powell updated for our virtual world!)

Here is a fun online memory game that can be played is small or larger groups.

Here is a list of online games that can be played on Zoom. I didn’t make this list, but have found it valuable.

Here is an online Clue game. Pretty fun! A gameboard to make the game easier. A completion certificate to send out to participants after playing.

PowerPoint Are You Smarter than a Cub Scout game.

An amazing list of virtual meeting ideas from Bryan on Scouting!

Cub Scout Jeopardy

This Facebook Group is a wonderful resource for ideas.

And so is this one!

Are you re-starting in-person meetings?

Please make sure that you are following the guidance from your State, County, Council, and Charter Organization!

Be ready to provide masks and hand sanitizer.

Cascade Pacific Council COVID-19 Updates with a COVID meeting guide.

Restarting checklist from the BSA

Make sure you follow the restrictions for the risk level for your county! Remember, we follow the social gathering rules. A Scout is Obedient!

An explanation of the risk level parameters.

Here is a Google form survey to complete the COVID screening before any in-person event. All participants need to complete this survey for every event. Please make a copy for your unit. I also recommend to make a QR code for it so it can be accessed quickly at the event. I would laminate it, because, you know, Oregon. Here is another awesome QR page.

We use QR codes to make contactless payments through Square and CashApp. When we recycled Christmas trees and wreaths for our annual fundraiser These were a super easy way to collect payments.

We also use QR codes to send a quick link through a share screen for parents to scan quickly with their phone or tablet without interrupting the meetings. I also used a QR to share our Pack Camp4All page.

Do you need a way to make sure that you stay under the county restrictions for number of participants? Sign up genius is free and easy. You can have attendees sign up for a specific time slot and tell them how many slots are left.

Communication is SO much easier using Scoutbook!

Need ideas for in-person outings?

(If you need to separate groups because your Pack is too large, I recommend using Sign up Genius.)

Hiking (we have a monthly hike club at Pack 351!) Check out AllTrails!

Bike rides


Scavenger hunts

A Campfire. Have you heard Boom Chicka Boom in COVID Style?

A rocket day at a local park or your charter organization’s parking lot.

A Scout skill event (my Pack is planning a Castaway Day for our Webelos)

Bike rodeo

Anything under a picnic shelter, following group size rules, masks, and social distancing.

Scout Ranger Program

Orienteering! Columbia River Orienteering has a nice starter route. Here are their permanent courses.

The 4T trail in Portland!

Sauvie Island Lighthouse hike

Need some ideas for Social Distancing Games?

Simon Says



Hula Hoop contest

obstacle course


Poison Dart Frog

Rock painting

scavenger hunt

red light, green light

freeze dance

paper airplanes

headbands game


bike riding (or scooters, roller blades, etc.)

So how do I keep everyone far enough apart?

plastic cones

hula hoops

carpet squares

painter’s tape

chalk paint/sidewalk chalk

spot markers (you can buy these premade)

circles cut out of thick felt, synthetic leather, or cardboard. These can even be marked with the Scout’s name to make sure that they stay on their spot and not another Scouts’.

Need help recruiting?

Post on Nextdoor

Post on Facebook

Have your families share on Facebook

Use yard signs. Or vinyl signs. Cascade Pacific Council has an awesome marketing team! (Hi Chris!)

Share with a local school or newspaper.

Pass out business cards or peer to peer cards.

Each Scout in my Pack put out recruiter rocks this year! You can also add a Pack QR to goodies for Halloween or passing out!

Huge amount of resources from National BSA. And Bryan on Scouting.

Offer a year round program and recruit all year ’round!

Check out Pack 351’s Facebook and Instagram pages!

How do I present Advancements to my Pack?

I play Advancement Fairy and do porch drop offs for my Pack (luckily I also have Advancement Fairy Helpers)!

Drive through Pack meeting/Advancements at a central location or at your CO, if they let you.

How can I do a Virtual Pinewood Derby?

I’m still working on this for my Pack, but here is a video to check out.

Here’s a post from Bryan on Scouting!

If you have a Derby Magic track and timing system, they have a nice video on their site about running a virtual Derby.

Cascade Pacific Council held a Wednesday Webinar about 2 different ways to conduct a virtual Pinewood Derby.

How can my Pack provide service as an online Pack or following social distancing?

Neighborhood clean ups as a family in their own areas.

Park clean ups.

Food collection on a porch. (We collected for St. Vincent DePaul.)

Item collection on a porch. (We collected for the Foster Youth of Multnomah County.)

Color pages to decorate a care home facility. (We sent colored pages to St. Anthony Village.)

Submit a video message to Scout Serenades! Here is the directions/release form.

Sign up for a local park service project, like this one with Portland Parks and Recreation.

Participate in Scouts Trash the Trash Day!

Summertime Pack Award and the Outdoor Activity Award:

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that Scouts is out!

Get your Scouts out for cool summertime adventures and earning some cool patches and bling!

A page with LOTS of links and ideas for outings, fieldtrips, hikes, and Unit events to check out!

A Bryan on Scouting article about visiting local attractions.

To earn the Summertime Pack award you need to offer activities during the months of June, July, and August. At least one activity is required, but if you offer at least two or more you will end up with more participation. The Pack will earn a streamer ribbon and certificate. Scouts and adults earn the pocket flap pin. Want to read more? Offering year round programming will help with recruiting and retention, also!

Need ideas for activities? Any of the outdoor activities that I have listed above would absolutely count! Hiking is great. Bike rodeos are great. Scavenger hunts are great. If you can sign up for a baseball game that would be fun. Even hosting a kickball game for your pack or a barbecue (when we’re allowed to) would qualify as one of your events.

Check out Scoutbook for the specific requirements for the Outdoor activity award (it is listed under the Awards section) as the requirements do change for each rank. The first requirement is to attend summer camp and there is a list to choose from to complete the award.

Keep it simple, make it fun!