Adult Leader Training

every-youth-deserves-trained-leader-278x182Being a trained leader helps you deliver the program in a way that is effective and efficient with a focus on the core objectives for the scout.

It is our goal here at Pack 351 to have every adult leader be 100% trained for their position and have most if not all our parents complete yearly the Youth Protection Training.

Many training requirements, including Youth Protection, can be done online AND are 100% FREE!

This website offers information on training course requirements and how to get started:

Taking the online courses requires you to set-up a free account at

This links your trainings to your registered BSA number, every Leader in the Pack is assigned one.

The training takes time but the info is valuable to help make your experience as a leader in the Pack a better one as well as the scouting experience you will be giving our youth…so its well worth every second you commit!

Even if you are not sure you are able to commit to being a leader, there are several trainings that can help any parent/guardian in our program better understand the scouting program today (the program went through a major overhaul in 2015).

The more parents/guardians understand the scouting program the better experience they can help their scout have and they as a family can gain!


Another helpful site here in our Council –