Pack 351’s Christmas Campout!

Sorry you missed it! Our Virtual Christmas Campout was Saturday, December 19th and Sunday, December 20th, 2020. But, I have uploaded the slides and activities so that you can enjoy them ANYTIME!!

Here are the slides for use during your campout. Just follow the schedule below to use them for the day.

During Scout’s Own on Sunday morning, we shared a slideshow of our scouts participating during the campout.

The best kind of winter camping…

Supply list:


Saturday lunch: bread, cheese, butter/mayo, soup, foil, fresh fruits, fresh veggies. Enough for each participant.

Saturday dinner: English muffins, pizza sauce, pizza toppings, fresh veggies. Enough for each participant.

Dessert: graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars OR mini graham cracker pie crusts, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips. Enough for each participant.

Sunday breakfast: instant oatmeal, fruit. Enough for each participant.


S’mores Ornament: light brown cardboard/felt/foam, dark brown craft paper/felt/foam, large white pom pom or cotton ball, yard/string/ribbon, large needle/glue.

Pop tarts gingerbread house: Pop tarts, frosting, small candies and sprinkles for decorating. You can also make icing: powdered sugar, egg whites, lemon juice.

Salt Dough Ornaments: 1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, 1 cup water, cookie cutters, baking pan, paint, paint brush, string or ribbon.

Keep scrolling down for the campout schedule and links…

Also, don’t forget about our Christmas Eve Jingle!

Christmas Campout schedule: Please send me pictures of your activities and meals, I would love to share them on Sunday morning!!

Saturday, December 19th:

11:00am: Opening, flag, greeting, craft.

How To Make Salt Dough Ornaments with Just 3 Ingredients | Shutterfly

On your own: tent/fort set up. You are welcome to set up a tent outside, with your parent’s permission, but you don’t have to. The fun of the campout is sleeping somewhere other than your bed. Can you set up a fort under the Christmas tree? Under the dining room table? In the living room? Make it fun and cozy!

Lunch on your own: grilled cheese and soup. You can make it however you like, but if you are a Webelos or Arrow of Light Scout it would be wonderful if you could cook it camp style! Campfire Grilled Cheese | Grilling Grilled Cheese – Smoke Grill BBQ

1:00pm: Story & craft.

Building Our Hive: S’mores Ornament

2:00pm: Scavenger hunt. On your own as a family. Get outside and see how many of the items on the game board you can spot! You can click the picture below and print or get the scavenger hunt here and print to take with you on your walk.

4pm: Jokes, videos, and craft time. Let’s make a pop tart building!

DIY Pop-Tarts Gingerbread House | Pretty Prudent I didn’t make the royal icing on this website. I prefer no raw eggs and I didn’t have meringue powder, so I found this great recipe and it worked perfectly!!

Dinner on your own: English muffin pizzas! Cook however you like, but if you are a Webelos or Arrow of Light Scout I encourage you to use a camp cooking method with a parent. Camp in a Box: How to make an English Muffin Pizza – Bing video

6:00 pm: Dessert (did you make your microwave s’mores?), games, and movie!

Good night, everyone!

Sunday, December 20th:

Breakfast on your own: instant oatmeal, milk, and fruit. Again, prepare it however you like, but if you are a Webelos or Arrow of Light Scout I encourage you to make it using a camp method with a parent.

10:00am: Scout’s Own, show and tell pictures, and closing.

Here are some other family activities from Scouts in England!