Recycle Regatta 2022 is coming!

September 21, 2022 | Pack 351 has capsized Scouting’s normal Raingutter Regatta and has morphed ours into a RECYCLE REGATTA!

What is a Recycle Regatta?

A Recycle Regatta is the sailing equivalent of the Pinewood Derby, except scouts make their boats from recycled materials instead of kits. We didn’t want to have to rely on prefabricated kits. Those are fun to build, but they don’t get you engaged.

This event will take place at an October den meeting (October 10th). Scouts and their families will gather to test their creations and have some serious fun.

But, while fun is our goal, this project also has some other things to achieve. This is intended to be a bonding experience between the scout and their adult, as well as a chance to reinforce the ideals of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to our scouts. Boats must be made from official trash. There is a strong emphasis on using recycled items here. The Scouts must find items used in day-to-day activities; such as meals or projects, items that are going to otherwise be discarded; in other words, “Trash items”.

Scouts are not required to participate in this Pack event but are certainly encouraged.

Awards, you say?!

Yes … there ARE prizes! Every scout that participates earns a segment patch, ribbon, or a certificate. The primary ribbon award at each den level will be for the “Best use of Recycled items.” The certificate awards will be based on the boat’s build. Certificate categories may include the following (or other) classifications: 

Anchor Award Most Un-floatable Boat 

Flying Dutchman Award Most Historical/Realistic Boat 

Scout’s Award Best Scout Theme  

What Were They Thinking Award Most Unusual or Strangest Shape 

Cubmaster’s Choice Exactly what it says! 

Rules & Details

The RECYCLE REGATTA is a parent-scout project. Please feel free to give guidance and minimal assistance, appropriate to the age of your Scout, as they build their Recycle Regatta boat.  

Participation Rules >>> 

• The competition is open to all registered Scouts in Pack 351. 

• All scouts will use a fan at the race to blow their boat down the track. 

• Each scout may enter one boat in the competition. 

• The boat must have been built during the current scouting year. 

Event Format >>> 

• The Regatta will be conducted in two inflatable gutters of equal length filled with water. 

• The competition will be to create a boat that floats and can go from one end of the gutter to the other successfully. • This is NOT a “race” for 1st place, but rather a friendly competition to build at home a structure that floats, and to then test its  sailing capabilities the day of the event. 

Boat Specifications >>> 

• CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Boats must be made from official trash. There is a strong emphasis on using recycled items  here. The Scouts must find items used in day-to-day activities; such as meals or projects, items that are going to otherwise be  discarded; in other words, “Trash items”. (For example, new paper for sails shouldn’t be used, but scrap paper from the recycle  bin is OK.) Materials such as food, plastic, wood are all applicable. All kinds of tape are ONLY allowed as a joiner material (i.e. sail  to mast), and NOT as a primary construction material (i.e. waterproofing, siding, etc. No “duct tape” boats allowed.) Toy pieces  used should be damaged or broken, not parts from a usable toy. (i.e. No LEGO boats or ship models). NO ITEMS SHOULD BE  BOUGHT IN ORDER TO BUILD YOUR BOAT!!! 

• SHIP SIZE SPECS: To fit in the Raingutter, a boat should adhere to the following specs. 
-Length – The finished boat should be no longer than 7″ max or shorter than 6″ min. 
-Width – The finished boat should be less than 3-1/2″ wide. Any outriggers should fit within the overall width of 3-1/2” o Depth – The gutters are 3” deep, so your boat must float and fit accordingly. Trust us, a boat dragging on the bottom isn’t  going to win any races! Keels and dagger boards are acceptable.
-Masts – Height limit is 6” to 7” maximum from deck to top. Masts may not be extended but may be decorated. Multiple  masts on a single boat are allowed. 
-Sails – The sail should also not extend beyond the overall width of 3-1/2” for it may hang up on the rain gutter. It is  recommended that the sail should only be attached to the mast by glue, mechanical fasteners should be avoided but the sail should not be in contact with any part of the boat except the mast. Tape should be avoided as it will lose adhesion  when it gets wet. 
-Decorations – such as sailors, cannons, etc. may be added. All such decorations must be firmly fastened to the boat and  may not be placed in such a manner as to change the boat dimensions as listed above. Bowsprits (large spars projecting  forward from the stern) are not allowed, as they extend the overall length of the boat, providing an unfair advantage. 

• SHIP NAME: BE SURE TO PUT A NAME ON THE BOAT (and the Scouts’ name, somewhere). A boat without a name is bad luck – plus, we need some means of identification for the race. “S.S.” denotes “sailing ship” – other historical or military designations  (“U.S.S” or “H.M.S”) are allowed so have fun with it! 

• Once the racing begins the boat may not be altered, including reapplying any decorations to the boat that may have fallen off. 

Boat Assembly Tips >>> 

The following materials work well: 

  • Hulls: juice boxes, slabs of foam insulation, 8 oz water bottles, 20 oz soda bottles, Capri Sun pouches  Masts: straws, small dowel, pencils 
  • Sails: construction paper, index cards, cut-up cereal boxes, small chip bags, Capri Sun pouches 
  • These materials do NOT work as well: newsprint and other materials that can get waterlogged, and thick pieces of foam  which stick to the gutters and make a mess when broken. 
  • No sharp materials will be allowed! 
  • Boat Shape: Flatter bottoms are recommended, to maximize stability. A streamlined looking boat is almost always top heavy  and capsizes. 
  • Mast: Install Approximately 2-2 ½” from bow (front of boat). Use epoxy or hot glue to install in place. • Sail: Attach with masking tape or hot glue. The bottom edge of the sail needs to be about ½ inch above the deck of the boat. If  the sail is too low, the corners of the sail will rub against the gutter or dip in the water. If the sail is too high the boat is too heavy  and tends to tip over. 
  • Painting and other decorations: boats may be painted and decorated how the scout wants, as long as it doesn’t violate the basic  dimensions laid out for the body of the boat. Make sure the boat is painted at least 24 hours prior to the race to make sure the  paint is dry. 

Competition >>> 

• Upon the scout’s arrival, they’ll need to register their boat with the race officials. It will be measured and compared against the  Construction & Size Specs.  

• The “race” is to test if a boat floats & can sail from one end of the gutter to the other. (We HIGHLY recommend that you test  your craft at home before bringing it to the regatta.)  

• A “ship yard” area will be set up with some basic repair materials. 

Unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be tolerated from any participant or SPECTATOR. 

Rewards and Recognition >>> 

The Cub Scout Motto is not “Win, Win, Win”. It’s “DO YOUR BEST.” If you “Do your best” designing, building, painting, and  racing your boat, you are already a winner! 

• REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE is objective. Thus, the primary award at each Den level will be for the “Best use of Recycled items.” • Certificate Awards for different categories will also be presented. 

• Every Scout participant will receive a Regatta Segment Patch. 

SPORTSMANSHIP and FUN are the main objectives for the Scouts and all to enjoy. The most  important values in Recycle Regatta competition are parent/scout participation, good sportsmanship  and learning how to follow rules. 

It is important to remember that there are winners and losers in every competition. You accept this  when you choose to compete. To be a good sportsman, you must be able to say “I did my best” and be  satisfied with the results. 

We challenge all Scouts to be creative and try to find trash that goes fast! GOOD LUCK!


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